December 23, 2021
Every single member of the team who serves clients at Lincoln Crowne and Company is a highly valued specialist in whichever business area in which they work. They also have expertise in areas as diverse as mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships is part of what makes their guidance so unique. They are very experienced in areas such as negotiation, valuation and mergers and acquisitions, although they can also develop the best possible growth strategies.

In addition to those skills, the professionals at Lincoln Crowne and Company also understand issues regarding shareholder rights, and they can provide strategic due diligence. All of those skills combined demonstrates that Lincoln Crowne is a unique investment firm that gives its clients exactly what they want. It is their core principles that provides clients with far more than “basic” deal making expertise. They combine innovative thinking and deep commercial and financial judgment to provide clear independent advice. They are well aware that clients only hire a firm like theirs to achieve a desired outcome. They want more from Lincoln Crowne and they always get a lot more than they expect.
June 23, 2021
With a desire to demonstrate a strong commitment to community, Lincoln Crowne and Company implemented a sponsored sailing program featuring 12-foot skiffs within its sports stream of community giveback. Lincoln Crowne and its Executive Chairman Nicholas Assef believe in tactical corporate social responsibility strategies, including four specific streams of commitment to community -- sports, academic, governance and philanthropic. The sailing sponsorship began in 2012 and has annually included the sponsorship of 12-foot skiffs in the Sydney Harbour for various charities at different non-profit, awareness-raising events. These sailing activities not only contribute financially to organizations, but help raise awareness for different charities at notable outdoor sporting occasions.
August 22, 2019
Clients who hire Lincoln Crowne and Company want more and expect more than they get from other firms. Thankfully, the firm usually delivers. Their team of professionals makes sure they get exactly what they want because every professional advisor at the firm is a specialist in some area of business. The firm as a whole has the ability to handle deals in a wide variety of business areas, including complex transactions such as joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions, or virtually any other. he firm’s core principles include providing clients with far more than basic services. After all, no one hires a firm like theirs without expecting a bit extra.

That said, Lincoln Crowne and Company has managed to build a great reputation in nearly every area of business and negotiation. Besides their expertise in negotiating deals, their team of professionals also handles valuations and they can even develop the best possible growth strategies for nearly any client. They are also capable of dealing with issues related to shareholder rights, they can provide strategic due diligence, and they can do a lot more. They like to innovate in negotiations by using strategies based on "game theory."